What Is Walking Football All About?

"Telford Stags Walking Football Club"
September 26, 2015

If you have ever wanted to find a sport for the Over 50’s that is exclusive, fun and gives you the opportunity to enjoy feeling young again, walking football may just be for you.

Played at walking pace, the rules are the same as the full size game.

The only exclusivity is that you can only play the game if you are over 50.

One of the most recent walking football clubs to set up independently in the Telford & Wrekin area are Telford Stags Walking Football Club.

Run by the members themselves they are actively looking for more members to join and plan to start playing matches against other local walking football teams to form a league in the near future.

What Is Walking Football And Where Can I Play?

With leagues and mini-leagues starting to form all over the country it is fast becoming a hit for over 50’s seeking a new and exciting sport that they can instantly join in and start playing (especially if its something they loved to do at a younger age too).

You don’t have to look far for a local club if you are in Shropshire they are springing up all over the pace with both men and women taking part.

Walking football is fast becoming a favourite sport for the over 50’s and in the Telford & Wrekin area we have the Telford Stags Walking Football Club that meet every Monday at the Telford United Football Club ground for a match.

As a new club they are inviting men over the age of 50 to come along and find out more about walking football as a sport aimed at being a fun way to keep active and increase general fitness levels for anyone over 50.

Although there are senior and veteran football teams, for men over the age of 50 (who have probably played the game in their younger years and loved it) football seems the perfect solution.

Statistics reveal that by the age of 55-64, only 32% of men say that they take the recommended half-hour of strenuous exercise five times a week.

Football seems to provide the answer for older people who play the beautiful game. Keeping the mind busy with football, team play and scoring goals seems to mask the benefits of lowering heart rates and blood pressure, increasing oxygen absorption, strengthening leg bones and increasing flexibility and endurance.

Playing the same rules as soccer but at a walking pace it is typically played on a smaller size, five-a-side sized pitch.

Telford Stags Walking Football Club

Telford Stags Walking Football Club meet every Monday at 9.45am – 11.00am at Telford United’s football ground.

Situated next to the ground is the Whitehouse Hotel which boasts a leisure club, hotel and conference facilities and meeting rooms that overlook the football field.

If you have been looking for a venue that both men and women can enjoy, the Walking Football Club and Whitehouse Hotel combination is hard to beat.

While the over 50’s men play a game of walking football, their wives and partners can enjoy everything the Whitehouse Leisure Club has to offer which includes a swimming pool, gymnasium and beauty salon.

The cost of joining in the fun at Telford Stags Walking Football Club is just £2.00 a week per person (the hotel leisure club has its own rates which you can find out more about by calling 01952 221185).

Whether you used to love playing football but have given it up as the years rolled by and you would love to see if this is a great way of taking extra exercise then call Pete on 07469 875095 and he’ll be happy to tell you more about what’s involved with walking football and how it can help you get back to enjoying regular exercise with people of your age and over.

"Telford Stags Walking Football Club"




  • Walking football is exclusively for anyone over 50 and you’ll soon find that there are plenty of people playing in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s too.
  • It is played to the same rules as the beautiful game only at a walking pace (although breaking into a jog is hard to resist)
  • Telford Stags Walking Football Club meet at Telford United AFC Football Ground every Monday between 9.45am and 11.00am everyone is welcome (cost is just £2.00 per person)
  • Don’t expect it to be uncompetitive, I have witnessed them playing and it really is just as physical, tactical and competitive as any other sport.



  1. Andrew Kitson - September 26, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    If you used to play football in the past like i did & think your ‘over the hill’ after 50 then think again, because walking football is the ideal sport to play but at a more leisurely pace, even though it as still got a competive edge to it, it is played in a more relaxed & friendly manner.
    I still get the same enthusiasm & buzz out of playing as i did all those years ago, so why dont you come a long & enjoy the banter & friendly competition down at the bucks head every monday morning 9.45 til 11.00.


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